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Belle's Bread is a Japanese, French Bakery located in Columbus Ohio. We sell a variety of delicious products such as bread, cakes, hot menu items, and premade sandwiches. We always strive to use the highest quality and most natural ingredients in everything we make.

Our cakes are light, moist, and flavorful, typical of Japanese cakes. Our most popular cakes include the smooth and light Mango Mousse cake and the traditional Japanese Strawberry Cake. We also sell custom birthday and wedding cakes that will fit anyone's taste. Gluten free cakes are available through pre-order.

Bread is our bakery's staple product and we take quality very seriously. Our bakers have been trained in French and Japanese baking techniques and can make authentic baked goods such as croissants and baguettes taste like they are from France. You will also find unique Japanese favorites such as the curry donut and the sweet red bean roll. We invite you to come enjoy a unique café experience right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Our goal was to create a Japanese cafe experience right here in Columbus, Ohio. Belle's Bread serves an excellent lunch as well as tea and coffee.

At the front of our Columbus cafe is a bakery case filled with a variety of whole and individually sliced cakes. A delicious treat for all.

We offer a wide variety of Japanese and French 

breads; including croissants, baguettes, and Danishes.

Stop in our Japanese bakery for a taste.

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Store Hours:

Mon - Sat - 10am - 7pm

Sun - 11am - 6pm

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1168 Kenny Centre Mall Columbus, OH 43220

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